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Watch Romantic Action Thriller Movie Gulabi at Aha OTT

Is this post-lockdown getting too boring?

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Gulabi movie streaming at Aha OTT

It was a hit movie directed by Krishna Vamsi in 1995. Gulabi’s movie is a musical hit film in Telugu. The plot is all about the romantic love story between two neighbors. JD Chakravarthy and Maheswari played the lead roles in this movie. Hero friend sold the heroin to a prostitution gang. Hero rescues her from the prostitution gang.

Don’t miss watching Gulabi, a real-life based thriller with a beautiful never seen love story in Tollywood film, well-directed and executed by Krishna Vamshi. It is available on Aha OTT. Watch romance movies online.

Where to watch Gulabi movie

Keeping the romantic entertainment aside, the Gulabi movie has a solid story with Shashi Preetam’s beautiful music and production values. Ram Gopal Varma is a producer of this movie, along with Amitabh BachchanCorporation Limited. Now it is the time to watch Gulabi movie on aha platform in HD quality without any interruption.


Genre: Romance

Duration: 134 minss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

A cast of the movie

Stars: J.D.Chakravarthy, Maheshwari, Bramaji

Director: Krishna Vamsi

Writer: Krishna Vamsi

Producer : Ram Gopal varma.

Music Director: Shashi Preetam

Watch Gulabi, a complete romantic action thriller Tollywood film.

 The story is about a young man named Chandu( J.DChakravarthy) who falls in love

with a girl named Pooja (Maheshwari) like any other young couple, they were leading their life to the fullest, and Chandu was hovering with the thoughts of his Dreamgirl

 And Chandu was open about his relationship with his close pal Ram babu (Brahmaji).

The story takes a turn when Pooja goes missing all of a sudden, and Chandu was clueless initially and was terribly disturbed and tried every possible way to find Pooja.

But everything has gone in wane. And in this sphere of a search for Pooja, to his surprise, he discovers that his close pal Ram Babu has been involved in kidnapping Pooja and sold her to a human trafficking gang. How did Chandu crack this mystery? Was he able to rescue Pooja? Was it a happy ending?

To know the answers to these interesting questions, you have to watch the Gulabi film on Aha OTT today!

Reasons to watch Gulabi movie

  1. This is a real-life based story that keeps the audience on the edge of the seat while


  1. Krishna Vamshi’s mark was taking, and the screenplay is one of the major highlights of the movie.
  2. Shashi Preetam has provided extraordinary songs and BGM.
  3. Brahmaji has done exceptionally well in the antagonist role.
  4. Lead pair JD Chakravarthy and Maheshwari had provided the best performances of their career.
  5. Chandra Mohan and Chalapathi Rao acted very well in supporting roles.

Watch romance movies online

Don’t miss watching this realistic movie in Aha OTT. The climax scene is the most spine-chilling one. The screenplay makes your heartbeat. So, spend your weekend time to watch romance movies online.

This Gulabi movie is an out and out romantic thriller and provides sufficient curiosity to all audiences while watching. So don’t miss watching this exciting movie in Aha OTT.

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